Website visitors identify themselves only 3% of the time. That leaves you guessing the other 97%. Visistat provides you a package of tracking tools and data to help make determinations about who your customers are and what they are looking for. This information will help you better arrange your content to effectively meet the needs of your customers. 

Simple, Powerful Web Analytics that Translate Complex Data into Easy-to-Understand Information.

VisiStat's Web Analytics solution is the backbone of our entire service offering. Built on a powerful analytics engine that translates complex web data into easy-to-understand information, VisiStat's Web Analytics provide comprehensive insights on website performance, engagement and visitor behavior.

The simplified user interface (often referred to as the "iPhone of web analytics") provides robust reporting on popular pages, unique visitors, page views, keyword trends, referral links, geo location, and much more. And our detailed click path capabilities provide valuable insights on visitor behavior - including information on what products and services your visitors are looking for.

VisiStat Web Analytics Reports Include:

  • Popular Pages
  • Visitor Totals
  • Referral Links
  • Global Stats
  • Computer Stats
  • Search Engines

We offer discounted pricing for Visistat Tracking Services along with our Sitemaker Website Products.  For more information about visistat visit