SEO Built-In

Hassle Free Optimization

Highlights Include:

  • Page Specific Keywords and Descriptions
  • Proper Header Tags
  • Automatic Sitemap Generation
  • Fully Optimized Navigation Architecture
  • Tools to hide pages from search engines
  • Site Linking Tools
  • Tracking tools from Google and Visistat
  • Automatic Mobile Optimization


You can relax, we've taken the confusion and complication out of Search Engine Optimization. Our team members can assist you with everything from how to better prepare your content to get the best result, to how to manage a Google AdWords campaign. All of the heavy lifting on the programmatic side is built right in. So with the SiteMaker Xi website platform SEO is as easy as point-and-click.

Contact us today if you would like more information about how the SiteMaker can be put to work for you or if you would like to request a taylored SEO and Social Marketing Strategy from one of our experts.