Keystone Group

Multi-Location Corporate Solution

Keystone Group Holdings

SiteMaker X, Custom Plugins

Key Features

  • All Features Inluded with Memorial Solutions
  • Bank of Exclusive Website Designs
  • Master Content Solution
  • 135+ individual Locations

Custom Developments

  • Exclusive flower ordering system


  • Robust master content system with required content, optional content and protected content with single point of entry across all sites

Keystone Group Holdings, a corporation of funeral homes, approached Polaris Graphics in late 2008 in regards to migrating all of the websites for their 135+ locations to our SiteMaker platform.  Of primary concern to Keystone was the ability to quickly and easily manage and maintain the websites from both a central location for corporate content and from the individual locations for local content and online memorials.  Keystone had expressed concerns regarding the capabilities of the system and the timeframe it would take to bring the sites online based on difficulties they experienced with two separate companies prior to contacting us.  


Polaris Graphics provided Keystone Group Holdings with a bank of 30 custom designs for their locations to select from, customized headers for each location, content transfers for all websites including obituary imports and a complete CMS system with global master content management in roughly 30 days.  All of Keystone's "must haves" were met or exceeded by the SiteMaker Solution. Additionally, Keystone's websites were loaded onto their own instance of SiteMaker X, creating an isolated system with exclusive features including a custom admin portal for the management of all of their websites.



Keystone Group Holdings was acquired by SCI (Service Corp. International) in the summer of 2010.