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Google Mobile-Friendly

April 21, 2015

Today, Google has officially released their mobile-friendly algorithm which gives search result precedence to websites that are optimized for mobile.  Because more and more people are using their mobile device as their primary means to browse the web, Google is adapting it's systems to provide the optimal experience for their customers.  

What this means for you... 

If your website is not mobile-friendly, meaning you do not have either a taylor built mobile version of your website, or a site which has a responsive layout, you could be penalized by Google and traffic which you may have been getting in the past could be diverted to a website more taylored for the device a specific searcher is using.  The bottom line is that a reduction in traffic can translate directly to a reduction in revenue and profitability.  Google is generally an early adopter in terms of current trends, and will likely be followed by the other major search engines in the near future.  Your website needs to be mobile ready today!

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