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One of the most unique features about our system is that it was designed to be highly scalable. What this means for you is that if you have one site or 10,000, we can deploy them with out any increase in overhead. Because the solution is completely hosted and operates in the cloud, you never have to worry about things like storage space, bandwidth, equipment reliability or server security.

Additionally, If you are deploying multiple sites with shared content, we give you the ability to update your content across all sites at a single share point. Whether it be corporate policies or product catalogs, the click of a mouse updates the content across all sites. The uniqueness of our system is that each site can publish specific content, in conjunction with shared content, to give the perfect blend of corporate message management, and local diversity.

  • Share a Bank of Design Templates across thousands of sites or have a custom design built for each. Website Managers can change between designs completely independent of the content, so updating the look and feel of a site is no problem
  • Share content across multiple sites. Provide protected content, required content and optional content for your sites.
  • Control the features that your websites can use. Our admin architecture allows you to allow or disable virtually any feature of our system for any user. Do you want to over see all of the content changes, prevent site managers from changing a design, disable the functionality to send eNewsletters? Everything can be accomplished from an easy to use admin panel.