Corban OneSource

Multiple Integrated Tehnologies

Corban OneSource

SiteMaker Xi, Broker Toolbox, Content Injection

Key Features

  • Complete CMS System
  • Snippet Based Content Injection
  • Custom Website Designs
  • User Restricted Portal with Automated Registration

Custom Developments

  • Seamless SiteMaker to 3rd Party Content Injection
  • Broker Full Content Integration with Sponsored Websites
  • Broker Toolbox with Custom Promotional Materials and State Specific Content


  • Content Injection Tool with Inherited Design Capabilities

1)  Corban OneSource approached Polaris Graphics in need of a robust management tool to maintain a bank of 150 state specific content sites relating to their payroll and human resources outsourcing services.  Polaris Graphics provided a SiteMaker Xi instance isolated for Corban OneSource to accommodate their needs.  The system includes master content management across all sites with local content capabilities, search and replace functions for master content customization and a bank of designs for the satellite sites.  Corban OneSource uses the SiteMaker Xi platform to leverage a single point of entry and management for all of their websites.


2)  Polaris Graphics developed a restricted access broker tool box site for independent brokers to access promotional and product information.  The site includes state specific content displayed only to brokers operating in those states.  


3)  Corban OneSource was in need of a means to provide controlled content to independent brokers which they could easily display on their websites to promote Corban OneSource products and solutions.  Polaris provided them with a custom version of our content injection application which allows content managed within the SiteMaker Xi platform to be injected into a 3rd party website via a small code snippet. Injected content completely and automatically inherits the styles and look and feel of the host site.   In addition to this limited content injection option, Polaris Graphics has provided a separate SiteMaker Xi instance for Corban OneSource to provide fully custom websites to independent brokers at a discounted cost.  This allows the broker's websites to fully leverage the linked content features within the SiteMaker to display the full range of Corban OneSource content within their website and benefit from full range of features that are provided within the SiteMaker Xi Platform.

Example of Injected Content: